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Help both ways
August 11, 2012 | 05:37 PM

Help with Taking care of the Immediate Problem and pay the bill and then Help with a Solution to the Long Term Problem.

Time to Call it a Day and Sell the little house and move into a Subcidized Apt. No matter were that is, it has to be done..

just went thru this issue with a another Super Senior who Lost her Husband a Yr ago and Not having anyone around to Keep Fixing things , let alone much else and the Bills are piling have to Hire People..

Central A/C was Cooling a 3 Bdrm home , but she was the Only Person living there. Close up the rooms and Vents , same for the Bathrooms ( 1.5 ) and same for the Kitchen.. and Alot of Lack of Insulation was Obvious as well..

And Emergency Window A/C , 5000, High ER window Unit in her Bedroom to Leaving for the day and going to a Senior /Cooling Center

and she either has to Bring In a Roomate to rent a Room or Sell the Home..

And we're paying 2 cents more per KW now vs just a Few Yrs ago? = a 18% hike in prices.. That's not Inflation, that's just WEC needing the $ to Provide More Electricity to Bigger Homes using More..

And everyone else is paying for it.. So why is that?

I Loaned My Neighbor the $ to Pay the rest of the Elec. Bill she could not pay and she or her Heirs can pay me back when the house is sold..

And She felt better & Kept her Pride Not taking something for nothing that way..

We spend More $ to Heat and Cool a Home, than we do to Insulate and make it more Energy Effecient..

This Has to change, come this winter, Heating Bills will be the next Problem..

Alot of these and other People Need help to Figure out the best way for their Future to live..

Otherwise, This will be a Continuing Problem..and never end..

Geneva Lake