Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Kayak issue
August 25, 2012 | 08:19 AM

A Hot Issue of course
But Why don't I see Boat Registration #'s and Wi. Stickers On them?

If they Are a WaterCraft, aren't they required to have them.? Same for those Surf Boards?

And They are so small? Pretty dangerous going ouside the Bouys isn't it? I see them doing that all the time..

Just asking for trouble Me thinks..

Like walkers and Bike Riders.. You can be Legally Right, but still get Injured or Dead None the less..

And went to Sit down on the Park Grass under a Tree the other day? Dog Pooh and Smell of Urine... Real Nice..

And Lots of Dog running Loose? Someone is going to get Bit and maybe even some Littke Kids as well..

It only takes a Few Care-less to ruin it for everyone else..

Be Carefull out there...

and of course, lets cut our Bugeting for our Safety and Protection by cutting our Police Dept Budget..

remember> They are Mostly Needed for Tourist & Visitors from the Big Cities and not so much for our Residents..that may not have the same Respect for our community as you do.

Good Luck City Council ! I don't envy you..

Genva Lake