Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

September 04, 2012 | 08:34 AM

Decter says "Fox Lake is notorious for drag races, speeding and drunken driving". It makes me SICK that someone who has control of a boat would even consider drinking and doing drugs for their own personal buzz. Cocaine,which is ILLEGAL, was found in the blood test of Hatyina. Clearly not an upstanding citizen if using illegal drugs. This is not Hatyinas' first offense with alcohol on the chain either. News reports state he was in trouble before for drinking on the chain. The comment"the worst thing I thought that would happen to (Hatyina) was for him to lose his job" also makes me sick. How about the thought of losing somneone you love and that means everything to you? One can get a new job but never replace a loved one. The life that was lost will never know what a job is as he did not have an opportunity due to the recklessness of a boat driver. Truth will prevail!!!!!!!