Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

September 10, 2012 | 06:29 AM

I've followed this story because I often fish on the Chain. I was struck by the reporting of the Chicago dailies. If I had never been on the Chain before, I would have a picture of this Hatyina guy as some lone maniac speeding around like a nut. Having been up there many time, I know that could describe many, many boaters on a busy summer weekend. And I would think you might have a hard time finding anyone who would blow less than .08 late on a Saturday afternoon. Because of that, I rarely go out on weekends and if I do, I get my fishing early and get off the water before 11 am.

Obviously, none of us, including the brother-in-law, were there, but I have to assume that he was giving a breathalyzer at the scene. He wasn't arrested immediately. My understanding is that his blood level was never actual shown to be positive but rather that assumptions are being made based on time elapsed. Not sure how that plays in court.

This was a tragic accident. A child lost his life and parents lost a child, but I can certainly see why Decker feels the man has already been convicted in certain quarters. It seems as if he's been convicted in this comments section.

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