Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Innocent until proven guilty
September 11, 2012 | 11:02 AM

I agree as all do that this is a tragic accident. But please realize the he is innocent until proven guilty. The accused is not trying to leave but is going to court dates as he should. He is just being given the right to a fair trial. The facts will come out then. Frackly I would never take my kids skiing or tubing on the chain. I nearly lost my sister years ago the same way. Maybe we should ask why the law allows for all the craziness on the chain. Maybe they are partly to blame. There is the question of why the report changed in a week. So let him defend himself and lets pray for the family and there lost while the facts are worked out. Put yourself in the same situation. If you felt you were innocent wouldn't you want a fair trial. Besides that what are you going to say if the facts show he is innocent.

too much loss