Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Total BS
September 13, 2012 | 06:12 PM

You have got to be kidding me! This is what we’re going to concentrate on? The ACT is basically a test on taking a test. It tells you very little about your academic achievement. Why not concentrate on graduation rate, the enrollment rate in college and the alumni graduation rate in college? 63% of the student body took the test. Meaning 37% most likely will not be attending college. Lets see what the average score would be if 100% participated.I'll tell you what it will be LOWER. "40 percent of Badger students are on free or reduced meals". I wonder which 40ish% didn't take the ACT?...tough one.Badger high school is a decent school, but lets come back to reality. The United States is falling behind. Kids no longer enjoy learning. Standardized testing doesn’t make kids smarter; it is simply a BS way of measuring it. I am disgusted by this celebration of mediocrity. Kopydlowski can say and believes whatever he wants, but without drastic change the United States education system (including BHS) will continue to fall down the rankings. Wake up and face reality.

Current Badger Student
Lake Geneva