Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

September 15, 2012 | 10:43 AM


It sounds like you know the family very well, so I want to offer my condolences. This is a horrible, horrible thing.

I've read a lot about this story and like you, I have my opinions. Mine are informed by the things I've read and growing up on the chain and boating there since I was very, very young.

Right or wrong, there is a strong culture of drinking on the chain. That certainly doesn't excuse anyone, I'm just stating a fact. The father of the boy is a lawyer, apparently a smart man, so I have to believe he didn't realize what he was getting into on a busy Saturday during the height of the summer season. I'm not blaming the father, just pointing out that no experienced boater I know would pull their kid, or anyone else, through those channels on a weekend. There are too many idiots with boats too large and who go too fast and who have drank too much. And those things may well describe Hatyina. I have to assume the father just didn't know.

Getting back to the article and Mr. Decker, obviously his brother-in-law has given him his story of what happened. From what I've read he blew well under the legal limit at the scene and now they are using a blood test to extrapolate that he may have been .09 at the actual time of the accident. I find it preposterous that Hatyina is being "set-up" as Mr. Decker suggests unless by "set-up" he means that the Borcia family is heavy in Lake County and prosecutors are treating the case differently than they might have otherwise.

Look at the bond that was set for the Rousso girl in Highland Park after she huffed a substance in her car and killed a little girl. I think it was $50,000 as opposed to $1 million for this guy.

Fox River Pete
Naperville, IL