Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

September 17, 2012 | 01:38 PM


Bond is set based on, among other things, flight risk. A young girl is a much lower flight risk than an independent middle aged person with financial resources. You really cannot draw conclusions from bond amounts, as they can vary widely based on different criteria.

Illinois law provides that any amount of an illegal drug in your blood is a boating DUI. Thus, while the alcohol level is a factor, it is not necessary for a DUI conviction. If there is even a trace amount of cocaine in the blood that is enough for a conviction.

Extrapolation is often used in DUI cases because usually you cannot get a blood sample immediately. This is accepted science, used to convict drunk drivers every day. It is not something new that was invented to "set up" this boat driver.

If everyone familiar with the chain knows that the chain is dangerous on weekends, and the lakes are full of drunks, then perhaps something should be done to change that so that unsuspecting visitors to the chain are safe, too. There are many options, inculding safe areas for water activities, limiting the size and speed of boats, or providing warnings at rental facilities and boat launches. It has been done on other lakes - why not in Lake County?

There are many, many people pulling tubers and skiers on the chain on weekends. It is not as though this father was somehow doing something out of the ordinary, as some would suggest.

You are correct. The father is a very smart individual. I'm not sure I see the connection between that fact and this accident, however.

This has been an interesting discussion. Thanks for participating. Hopefully, readers will think twice about how they operate their boats, and perhaps Lake County can get serious about dealing with this apparent, widespread problem of alchol use, reckless boating, overcrowding, and excessive speed that seems to be widely recognized.

As for the driver of the boat in this particular case - we will have to let the justice system determine the outcome. I have seen no reported facts thus far which suggest to me that there has been anything about this investigation or indictment that is suggestive of anything other than a routine DUI case.