Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Parking Meters
September 23, 2012 | 05:40 PM

Wow! Who’s living in La La Land? I work in one of the downtown stores. Ever since the “New Parking Meters” were installed, (4 months ago) I’ve spent every day that I work " telling guests how to work them or actually doing it for them.

First, you had “classes“ to work the meters. “CLASSES” Really? Then you sent out brochures on how to work the meters. How many guests got the “brochures”? You expected the “locals” to inform the “guests”.

Your headline, “Human-kiosk interface takes effort” says it all. EFFORT? To park a car? To spend money in Lake Geneva? “ Oh, I can’t wait to come back to Lake Geneva for a parking ticket; because, I don’t speak English, because I’m elderly, because the sun is blinding the screen”.

Have you seen people “suffering” in the wind & rain just trying to park their cars? Possibly, a few who purchased “Beach” passes by mistake? It’s a PARKING METER!

Mr. Mayor & Ms. Johnson, you are rude and disrespectful! “… left their plastic where the sun doesn’t shine.” “I don’t think it’s our visitors who are having the problems.” “I think it’s the locals.” “People need to take responsibility and read the instructions”.

Who are you?

Diane Powers

Diane Powers