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Ditto- Get rid of them
September 26, 2012 | 06:00 AM

We can park in any parking spot with our Hcp cards or Lic. Plate

We should have to take our chances like everyone else and not have a Resereved Space 24/7 all the time

When Things are Busy? I just go to the Valet service and let them park it and pay them, like everyone else has too.

With Medicare Paying for our Scooters Now? Get a Scooter..

And why not Shut down Main street to all Vehicles during Peak season ? At least On the Holiday's! And have Parking Valet service!

Get Wal Mart to Participate and use their Professional Corp. people to come up with Ideas?

Such as :

Park at Wal Mart and have a Downtown Shuttle Service?

Same for Home Depot..33% or their Parking Lots are always Empty..especially On our Summer Holidays...

We have so many Businesses Closed on Sundays and Holidays? Why not get them Envolved to use their Parking Lots? With a Parking Attendent..

Each space? Worth How much? $1,500 a Peak Season for the 30 wk Peak Season? and throw in some parking tickets and can easially be worth $2k yr per space..

Get Big Business Envolved and Go Private with it..

ps. your verification system is too hard to make out most of the time..Change it to be more user Friendly

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