Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

September 27, 2012 | 01:56 PM

First of all, yes, it does get old hearing about how crappy the WB football program has been in recent years, but on another note, what good things do you wanna hear? They took the field with pride? They wracked up a whopping 97 total yards on offense? Now don't get me wrong, all this negativity should get to people, but there just hasn't been anything good to say; be thankful people still know WB still has a football program.

Secondly, Justin, I'm sure you were a great QB with a bunch of talent around you and probably coached by Blakely playin in the Indian Trails (a weaker conference; however today's bulldogs would still struggle I'm sure) but times are different. It all sounded good and looked good on paper because it shouldn't be that hard to improve after a 3-6 or 2-7 season (whatever 2007 was). A lot of things happened behind the scenes and 4 winless seasons is what occurred.

Lets just hope coach diehl can get it together and the bay can go back to being the powerhouse they once were.

Ex Bulldog
Williams Bay