Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Garbage can be Modified
October 11, 2012 | 04:52 AM

The cost to the village to purchase the cans (for an automated system) would be large," he said. "Many residents like their own trash cans."

Sorry, Ever since we got our new Disposal Units, it's been the Best .. The Use your Own Cans made the area look like a Slum and Many we not Closed and always torn up by Animals ..

and? Why not Have a Lable System on the Cans? We have well over 50% of the Homes Closed up for the Winter Season , but cans left out in front, with Nothing In them and the truck doesn't know this..

And why not Double up with your neighbor? Alot of these Cans are only 1/2 full for pickup...

That's what we do..