Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Lake Water Level
October 17, 2012 | 05:52 PM

As stated in this artical- What happens when cribs of our piers are damaged because of the DNR policies for the release of water for the White River ecology. Who is going to pay for the repair on our cribs- Should we sent the bill to the DNR ? Lets look at how the policies of the DNR has helped our Lake. # 1, where was the DNR and its policies when we learned that zebra mussels were invading lakes in our area ? Remember the days when you could stand on your pier crib or walk up the latter on your pier with out slicing your foot wide open- I DO !!!
So lets let the lake level keeping droping so that we have to have our piers rebuilt next year. Our property taxes pay for WHAT ?? Thanks to the DNR my grand kids can only go swimming from our shore when they are fully protected with shoes,pants & gloves. Another failed DNR policy.