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Addressing Budget concerns as well as others
October 23, 2012 | 08:10 PM

Hi Wambold and other commenters,

I am a Williams Bay football player and I understand your concerns about the budget. However, the football program has been highly funded by the Williams Bay Lions Club (they built the new field and have a yearly donation for equipment costs) as well as a large contribution from the sports boosters. The biggest thing when it comes to cutting a program is amount of dedication, and the players for the football team have been dedicated. I started the 2009 season so you will understand when I say that this program deserves to stay afloat for how far it has come. I do not know one person on my team that hasn't worked day in and day out to make sure they are the best they can be for this football program. So where some people see lack of wins our fans, school, and community has seen otherwise. They see the dedication that every player has put forth. not one player being academically ineligible to play, to every single player working together in the school and community to be the best citizen of this town they can be. I understand why some people would see cutting the program as an option but to my knowledge and assumption after this years season I highly doubt it will occur. I would really like to say thank you as well to the fans, school, community, and the countless other supporters we have had through our journey. No words can express how much this program means to me and the support we receive from the community means the world and more.
As for the disrespect me and my teammates have received from members of the larger community I would like you all to know that me and my team have worked nose to the grindstone to play Williams Bay football. Under the leadership of Coach Deihl, both Coach Higgins, and Coach Bonamarte we have become a disciplined, dedicated football team. Anybody who disagrees with that or doesn't believe that we deserve the win please feel free to come to the high school I would be glad to take time out of my day to show you that we did score 34 points against a real football team. I have the utmost respect for Kenosha Christian Life School's football program. They worked hard all season and have an extremely talented group of athletes. I do not, however, have any respect whatsoever for anyone who thinks they can judge a game that they have not even gone too. Me and my teammates worked hard this season, yes some games were close and others very lopsided but we deserved everything we got. The one thing I know for sure is that I am extremely proud to call myself a Williams Bay Bulldog.

Deaken Boggs
Williams Bay High School Senior foot