Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Ashamed Resident
November 04, 2012 | 08:43 AM

To the writer - please stop your sugar coated articles that dance around the truth and realize that not all the people in Williams Bay are stupid. We are in the day and age of the internet and anyone can research KCL in a few minutes and find out that they do not have a varsity football team. The number of seniors on the team has NOTHING to do with it. WB has played seniors on their JV team over the years also and it's because of their experience and skill level. So bench that reasoning.

This team was on the verge of getting a victory THEMSELVES and didn't need a coach, administration and "writer" to fabricate a pseudo win. All it's done is create an upcoming mockery of WB.

Hats off to the WB players as they fought hard this season and they can't control the actions of adults trying to justify their positions and the existence of a program. The previous coach took his lumps but he never stooped to this level.

Having younger kids all I hear is we need to keep our kids in the Bay. I can't keep my kids in the Bay if these are the ethics bestowed upon us by our administration and coach.

The writer of this article, WB Coach and WB administration owe the players, residents and Kenosha Christian Life an apology.

Williams Bay