Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Get Local Business Support?
November 14, 2012 | 06:58 AM

Seems to me..
Not taking advantage of Local Business to Support The Police and the Community and they want too!

- Why not ask Our Home Depot and Lowes and Anoyne Else for that matter to Put Togheter a InExpensive Lighting System for Every Home?

-Such as?

1- Outdoor MSL( Motion Sensor Light) with a Simple 50 watt spot lite ?
1- 5 watt- CFL in a Inside Lamp, put on a $5 Timer that goes on at 5pm and off at 11pm..

9 out of every 10 Homes in my neighborhood are Summer Homes and Darker than Being In a Cave at night, comming down our street..

And Be really nice to See soe Old Fashion Street Lights too ! God ForBid

ost of these Suburbs are like Driving Into a BLACK HOLE In Space at nite

No wonder, over 50% of those homes are Seasonal..

Just ask them to do that, they can shirley afford the Ave of $25 cost to do that stuff..