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November 15, 2012 | 05:38 AM

he's a great Example of How To Give Back to the Community and Find Worth as One Ages..
He started this Job at age 76? God Love Him willing to Donate his Time and Efforts to the Community..

I just wish he could have Gotten A Law Passed Rqeuiring ALL Homes/Apts that use Nat. Gas to Have Gas Detectors in them as Mandatory.. Both Battery and Plug In or Hard Wired..

with over 50% of the Homes Being Seasonal Owners, Many Leave their Furnances on and Set to 40-50 degrees, HWH and Stoves re On and It's Amazing Not more Avoidable Accidents like this One happened in Indianna don't happen here..

Monserrate Shirley, Indianapolis Homeowner Whose House Exploded, Bereft Over Tragedy | AOL Real Estate

the Indianapolis homeowner whose house is suspected of being the source of a deadly explosion that damaged nearly 80 homes in her subdivision, was inconsolable Tuesday as she wept while speaking publicly for the first time about the horrific incident. ( and Killed her 2 Neighbors )

> WE Need Mandatory Smoke and Nat Gas Detectors In every Home! They are InExpensive and Last 10 yrs on 1 Lithium Battery and Even have Plug In One's and Can Get Hard Wired one's as well..

Should be Mandatory for every home

If you can't afford the $10 - $20 for them? You can't afford to Own a Home..
Same goes for Rental Units.. The Landlords should be required to provide A/C Plug In or Hard wire Units in every Rental Unit..

Elliot? I hope the Next 12 yrs will be as Productive and Fruitfull as the Last have been! Thank you

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