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Who's your begger?
November 18, 2012 | 09:27 PM

THE NERVE...talking about less fortunate children, I bet your GOD blesses you each night, but skips their home because they are not worthy.

First off, if you want to talk about government money, ask the private industry that takes your tax dollars, 4 to 1 over welfare and education programs.

Keep telling yourself the faux news narrative, while your neighbors loose their home, and their children go hungry.

Since you have ALL the answers, why don't you list where the jobs are, that pay more than minimum wage, and please explain why most people, 99% of the people in the USA, pay less % of tax than minimum wage earners.

That is third world tax policies, leading to third world infrastructures, education, and communities. If you want the American Dream pay your fair share of income to produce a 1St rate country, SOMETHING THE USA IS NOT, we rank at like 25th!

Wake up from your retirement coma.

chicago style hot dog
Lake Geneva