Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Hot Dog
November 19, 2012 | 07:25 AM

Interesting thing about facts, they can be checked. Your claim about private industry is just plain WRONG. Education and Welfare make up 16% of the entire federal budget, and that DOESN'T include medicaid.

Retired is exactly right, the REAL numbers haven't changed as much as government is lowering the requirements of what it means to be "poor" while changing the definition of "rich" to be someone doing better than average. What better way to increase your voting base than to make more and more people reliant on welfare and the good graces of the entitlement.

I'll give you credit dog, you managed to hit all the talking points including "faux" news and pay your "fair share". If you wish to live in a country where those that stayed out of trouble, sacrificed to get an education, and worked hard to become successful are punished because others feel entitled to make a living at THEIR expense, be my guest. SOme of us demand better. My suggestion to you..... Remove your head from your backside......

Enough Already
Lake Geneva