Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Private schools vs Public Schools taxpayer money!
November 22, 2012 | 09:41 AM

They both get tax payer money, although private schools DON'T have the testing and regulations the public schools do. Also, private schools get to pick and choose which children can attend. Public schools are faced with poverty, abuse, and special needs, and are inclusive.

It's called our commons, public education provides a source for success in our country's future. Without the investment, we are no different than a third world country.

It's funny how the retired Linn person was able to do so, through the access of the commons of our country, but now complains about having to continue those opportunities for our future.

Your right nothings free, without everyone's contribution we'd be a third world country fighting each other for survival. Haven't you learned anything from our history or that of current third world structures.

Happy Thanksgiving, and remember this once was the land of others, who shared it with our ancestors.

Chicago Style HOT DOG
Lake Geneva