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Clarifications about Korona Park
November 24, 2012 | 09:21 AM

A couple of points of clarification might help the reader understand the challenges facing the creation of a multi-use greenspace in the Town of Geneva from the Korona donation.

1)Since its inception in 2001, the Town of Geneva Park Commission has examined a dozen potential land donations. The Korona property was accepted because 1) of its location in an area of the Como Beach subdivision that lacked greenspace, 2) the seasonal creek has direct impact on the water quality of Lake Como, and 3) the presence of high-value hardwood trees (Black Walnut) and rare shrubs (Huckleberry).

2)The Wisconsin D.N.R. has deemed the seasonal creek non-navigable. However, the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Committee (SEWRPAC) designated the land within 10’ of the creek a wetland. Both determinations dictate how the land can be improved.

3)The Korona property is zoned R-2, and would require a conditional use permit from Walworth County Zoning to be used legally as a park.

4)Among other things, the Americans with Disabilities Act insures that individuals with disabilities are guaranteed equal opportunity in public accommodations. At Korona Park, this entails that parking, paths and seating areas would be wheelchair accessible. As John DeBaere notes in the article, the topography of the site makes compliance with the A.D.A. very difficult.

In spite of these challenges, Korona Park remains a valuable addition to the greenspace of the Town of Geneva. Plantings of native trees, shrubs, and flowers at the site will preserve a representative sample of the flora of Lake Como. Much of these plantings were paid for with a WI. D.N.R. Urban Forestry Grant. Improvements along the creek will have positive impact on the water quality of the Lake. Designating small portions of a residential area to greenspace maintains a livable population density, and allows fauna such as birds, butterflies and bees to flourish.

John Packard, Town of Geneva Park Commission member 2001-2012

John Packard, Geneva Park Commision 2001-2012
Lake Geneva