Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

December 05, 2012 | 04:42 PM

Back in the 70's Me and A Buddy went out on my Wood Boat and Change to use Musky Lures
And we Cought One.. It was So BIG it broke My Rod!
and then Took the rest of it Into the Water

Then awhile later, My Buddy was Casting and His Big Lure Hit me On the HEAD and the Hooks Went in my Skull, but it didn;t hurt and Thought most of the hooks were in my Baseball Cap Blood..No Pain

When we came into The Boat Launch to take me to the Hosptial, he had aother guy standing by his boat use his Camera to take a Picture of His Hooking Me ..

And then took me to Lakeland Hospital to take them out..

What was Really Scarey? They Took me into this room and put me on a Steel Table
and this Dr. Came in with Wire Cutters and a Nurse with this Big Syringe...

I found out I was In the MORGUE! And the Nurse, who seemed Aggatated, said that 2 of the Barbed Hooks were Near a Main Artey in my Brain and I may Not Make it..

The Dr. was Smiling...
She didn;t Like People from Illinois , which I was at the Time.. since the Chgo Bears just Beat the Pac the week before..

But don't Muskies Kill Other Fish, like the Bass? Not sure I'd want them in my Lake.. And if so Hard to Cath? People will not bother Comming to a Lake they can't catch Something with their kids..

Bluegills, Crap-pies, Bass and Perch would be the best Bet if want to attract Tourist and Fishing.. would it not?

The Grandkids catch them with Baloney and Gold Fish Crackers..all the time and love it

Lake Geneva