Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

December 07, 2012 | 09:52 PM

Walker and the last Republican administration before the recalls, passed the predatory lending expansion in WI.

Where did the surplus come from? The mortgage settlement funds?
The regression of the homestead tax for low earning residents?
Or the higher property taxes last year?

It surely didn't come from Slamming through ACT 10, because that cost the tax payers 10's of millions of dollars more than if they had left our state with the dignity of the labor progress of the last 100 years.

What about those legislative maps and the court fees and costs, or this John Doe investigation into the corruption in Walker's administration, how many charged and sentenced, is it 4 or 5? And still open says the Judge.

Yeah, go ahead and send that letter to the Republicans in WI, don't be shocked if it falls on deaf ears, the last year, half of WI has marched in the streets, wrote letters, and made phone calls, and were disregarded because big business has their attention, not the constituent
with empty pockets.

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