Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

December 30, 2012 | 09:47 AM

These are the kinds of people LG and all of walworth county produces. people with money or people without it.

your either rich or poor. rich wouldn't understand that sh*t, because you have money.

This kid made one mistake, and some punk judge will be f**king him over for the rest of his life, hope they feel really good about that.

I came from Walworth County. I HATE IT!! it is by far the worst place in Wisconsin as far as law enforcement goes. they all know each other so they stay in their corrupt circles and screw over you civilians who they're sworn to protect. But who do they protect really? if they were actually doing their f**King jobs the sh*t wouldn't of happened if the first place. LG is small as hell kid should've been caught a LONG time ago.

My advice to everyone in that dust bowl of a county, get the hell out.

seriously, get out and you'll see how f**ked up that place is.

I know I'm glad I did it. As far as the kid goes, he's done.

I got in trouble in Walworth county at age 17 and my offense wasn't nearly as bad.

Mine was petty sh*t and I still spent 30 days in jail.

Imagine what this kid is going to sit.

Not that one