Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Re Enough Already
January 01, 2013 | 09:55 AM

First of all, "War on DRUGS" and regulations are two different issues. If you want to get into a debate about drugs, alcohol and prohibition, that's another day, and a DIFFERENT topic than GUNS.

Switzerland, does allow everyone to bear arms BUT they are not in their personal homes, UNLESS they have a direct threat and prove so in court, otherwise they are in community LOCK BOXES, AND there is no standing army in peace time, YET every man is drafted into military service and taught gun responsibility in times of war and peace.

They are not just walking around with a assault weapons on their hip because they can. That is what POLICE do and are trained and educated for. Should we just start hiring ANY GOOD GUY with a gun for our police force to?

Why is simple commonsense regulation so hard for you to wrap your mind around. OUR Constitution does not give everyone anywhere at all times the right to bear arms. Well regulated militia in times of peace, is not without condition for all.

Voter ID, again, fewer than less of a fraction of a percent commit voter fraud, and why? Because going to prison for 1 vote that will never make or break an election, is foolish. That is why most of that voter ID fraud is committed by felons that did not know they were not allowed to vote, until they were done serving all their sentence.

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