Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Bare Arms
January 01, 2013 | 10:28 AM

Just a note, we all have the right to bare arms at any time and any place, although in this weather this right is taken mostly by offensive linemen. The right to bear arms is a constitutional issue and a slippery slope especially noting that the only people who obey these laws are the ones who do not need to be regulated. You or anyone else cannot legislate common sense or common decency although I do wish that there was a way. Unfortunately there is no way to identify someone like this lady in Connecticut who taught her Special Ed. child to shoot and then didn't lock up the weapons so that only she could get to them. What was she thinking?
The second amendment was put in place so that the government when operating in an illegal and tyrannical way would not be beyond the redress of the people. This is not only the right of the people as stated in the Constitution, but also their duty. As I said this is a slippery slope and was so noted by Benjamin Franklin when he wrote, "The man who gives up liberty in the name of security soon looses both."

Just Sayin'