Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Mine is now 1.6%
January 02, 2013 | 03:55 PM

Well my bill Is equal to about 1.6% of what my Place is worth

$1,660 for a $105k homeand if were to sell it? We might Net $98k after paying a RE Agent..

But we understand,it has to go Up just due to Inflation Alone.. We expect( and Budget) at least a 3% a yr increase
and if it doesn't? we save any left over for the next yr..

I can't Imagine Living much anywhere else in Retirment..

We moved up here from Cook County Illinois.. We would be paying at least Tripple that mostly because our Home there is also worth Tripple that..

And Now we Leave for Florida for a Few Months..and Look forward to Spring and Summer Here again..

So, everything is Relative..

And Only when your Relatives come to visit...