Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

January 02, 2013 | 06:27 PM

*Protect - She did not call police because she feared for her life. The article states she tried to pry the knife from his hand, and he did not try to harm her.*
This article points out Deputy Such had holstered his weapon and drew his Taser, which was not used. It should have been used.
John was not attempting to kill himself, he was maiming himself. BIG difference. Nancy called for help, because she did not know how to stop him. It goes so much deeper than that, but that's a whole other article.
She may have a case here, she may not. It's not the first time this has happened in Walworth County, and even when it was obvious the officer was in the wrong, it has been judged as a justified killing.
The Taser would have done the job just fine. This really was overkill.
In the end, John is dead and a mother grieves. May you all be blessed strongly enough, to never walk in her shoes.

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