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Re: Enough already
January 18, 2013 | 08:58 AM

You must not have ever driven a BMW or a Ferrari, I have an THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE.

One is the practical consistently useful and the other vanity showmanship.

Taxes represent a democratic way to pay for useful practical enhancements for all, while tax cuts ultimately save the most money for the larger income brackets, while cutting services and values in the community overall.

Government employees are paid less than their private counter parts, yet receive benefits to close that gap. It is proven time and time again in many different professions that private companies can NOT be as effective and less costly as government employees.

NO, I'm NOT a government employee.

YOUR TAXES, are not high when adjusted for inflation, value and amenities of our area, but it is our duty as tax payers to make sure our interests are well represented in our government.

As for business working with less, that is very broad, and I will say for any corporation focusing on shareholders fortune over reinvestment into their own company that is their problem, not the workers.

As for small business they would be making a whole lot more after they lobbied their legislators to quit pushing down workers wages, those are their customers!

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