Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Stay on the Issue
January 22, 2013 | 02:06 PM

If you left /right nuts will quit typing and read for one minute, you will stay focused on the issue. The issue for the tax increase is becasue the township was over valueing Timber Ridge for at least three years and Timber Ridge pushed back. The result is that an accurate assessment of Timber Ridge created a larger burden for the rest of the township to make up for. The timing of it was brutal to the township and shame should be cast on them for not giving a heads up to the tax payers, becasue they did indeed see this cannon ball coming, and coming fast and hard.
Timber Ridge one bedroom condos topped out at $230,000 in value in 2003 and have dropped steadily in value to current sales prices of about $60,000. Yes, about a 350% drop in value. Timber Ridge was always a cash cow for Lyons and the township road it's coat tails for a decade. Well folks, now it is time to pony up your fair share. The gravy train ran out of gravy for at least a while.

chuck U Farley
North Como Flats