Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

January 23, 2013 | 12:11 AM

I am employed by the state at the local mental health facility. the majority of those 7 years I was assigned to a Forensic unit. The patients on that unit either had charges pending or had been found "not guilty" of whatever crime by "reason of mental defect." I often had to accompany a patient to the hospital and often had to sit with an in patient receiving treatment. We do not carry guns. Thankfully, I've never been attacked by a patient but the risk is there. I fail to see how a grown man which I am assuming the deputy was, with specialized training similar to what we get to subdue a patient, could feel so threatened that he had to use his gun. As far as the speculation that he may have had his gun taken away and used on civilians in the hospital. Maybe, if he didn't have a gun on his person in the hospital that wouldn't have even been a possibility. When County Sheriff's Deputies bring new patients to us at Winnebago Mental health Institute they are NOT allowed to wear their guns while on the unit. My heart hurts for the family of Emilio. I hope that they will continue their quest for answers and further hope that this unfortunate event will lead to policy changes regarding allowing guns in hospitals. Lastly, if the deputy was going to remove the restraints to allow him to use the bathroom he should have asked a hospital staff to come in the room to assist by simply being present and to call for help should the need arise. I always do this. In my opinion the officer should have used some common sense and this tragedy may have been averted.

Mariana Herrera