Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Great job on this article
January 23, 2013 | 07:49 AM

This was an excellent reporting job. There are several things that jump out of me, which continue to cause concern.

1) "Knorr said the administration has started a new policy this month.

"We have instituted, now, background checks on everybody that subs," she said Jan. 18. "We did (the change) as of finding out that (Kelley-Dellach) had, you know. I don't know (what charges he has)."

She said this on Jan 18. And knew the issue would be discussed on Jan 21. Her lack of knowledge is disturbing.

2) The contrast in the perspective of the administration and the school board in their actions and words. On one hand, referring to Sandy Hook, then stating they were unsure why the newspaper would find the meeting of interest.

3)""Our main job is to write and approve policy," she said. "We try to follow it. If not, we try to take action on that."

However, neither Freeman nor the rest of the board was familiar with the policy already in place that mandates background checks for all employees, permanent or temporary, certified or noncertified."

I am thankful for the parents and faculty members who have taken a stand.

I am appalled by the lack of knowledge and common sense of Knorr and the Board.

I know I expect more from those entrusted with your children.

Stay strong Walworth parents, do not allow this to get swept under the rug or allow the "sluggishness" to creep in preventing the appropriate changes to occur.

Your children are worth it.

Ann Carlson
Kirkland, IL