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Y R they "good kids" after they die or in Chicago they like to c
January 23, 2013 | 06:53 PM

"Where would he go if he escaped?" a family member asked. "It's all corn fields."
Ummm, its Walworth Co. it's not like that corn field is the Sahara Desert, he'd hit a road every couple hundred yards....whats the point... wake up
Where did everybody's common sense go????!!! He attacked a cop in an attempt to escape, he died in the process. There is your answer. Anything else is trying to lay the blame somewhere it does not belong because your looking at this with feelings and emotions not logic and reasoning.
Take a look at the criminal history.....
Think with your MIND, love with your HEART then these "tragedies" will make more sense to you

Mindful, Heartless