Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

January 25, 2013 | 02:10 PM

First and foremost I would like to state that everyone makes mistakes, I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder in February of 2011. Although I was charged with the felonies stated in this article I was found Not Guilty due to Mental Disease or Defect. When diagnosed after my first offense I had no education or understanding of what Mental Illness was, or how to control my symptoms. It is very frightening not knowing what Bi-Polar consists of, or believing I could have such a disability. I feel the persons commenting, and individuals writing these articles should think before they make such a rash decision, causing so much distress as this had. Prior to my offenses I had no record of any kind. I graduated from Badger High School in 2009 with a 3.2 GPA. I continued my education at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee studying Early Childhood Education. I have just as much concern for the safety of children as anyone else. I would have not been studying to become a teacher if I did not care about children.
I feel very hurt by the lack of understanding towards persons with Mental Disabilities; I have been asymptomatic and stable on the same medication for just over a year. I have a disease just like any other, with the proper medication I treat my symptoms, and live a healthy, “normal”, successful life. While at Winnebago Mental Health Institute which I arrived on December 28th of 2011 (many of the time frames and dates which were obtained for this article are completely inaccurate, I would know considering it was me whom went through all these trials). During the time I arrived at Winnebago I began programming and classes to obtain an understanding of what mental illness consists of, and gained a substantial amount of insight into how to treat Mental Disabilities and Addiction. I was released from Winnebago on October 17th 2012, after spending TEN months at the facility I was released to the community on Conditional Release, which yes is similar to that of a probationary status. I was supervised and continued treatment weekly, if not more. I had never been to Mendota, as this was a misprint which was sent to Judge Werner, if you correlate the dates in this article you would see it is impossible, considering I would have to be at two places at once.

Michael Kelley-Dellach