Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

January 26, 2013 | 07:45 PM

Isn't this the same grade school that had a teacher sexually abusing boys for years back in the 70's /80's? If so, why wouldn't they have every possible security measure in place already vs. wait for something else bad to happen? To Michael, I commend you for all your hard work getting yourself to a good place. I know this unwanted attention must be difficult, but try to see this from another point of view. What if there was a situation similar to this one but the person had a seriously bad record and issues, and he/she had no background check from this school. What if this resulted in a child being hurt? As unjust as all this attention feels, you may be the catalyst in helping save a child or many children down the road from now from a truly bad event. And not just by the school requiring background checks for all working within the school but pushing them to look at safety across the board -- and making (hopefully) real changes. Stay strong and, as hard as it may sound, try to seek the good in this difficult time.

Former Fontana Resident