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Who's next?
February 03, 2013 | 03:36 PM

Ditto Chris ..

It's all Ok, All fine and Dandy
But Who's Next to Want to do the same? and what's to keep anyother Town 's Organization from comming to our Town and Doing this?
Not just From Our Twn. but how about from Delevan, Burlington, Elkhorn and even Milwaukee or Chicago For that matter?

Now that you ( City Council) have set the tone for other Origanizations to Come in and Request to do the same.

And if you turn them down?
I smell a Unfair Discrimination Law Suit. for not letting them in..

We have to Keep Charities at arms Lenght.. they all want to come to where the $ is to be gotten and LG is a Haven ( or Heaven) for $, isn't it..?

You let one in, you have just opened the Flood gates for others...

Give them their $ back and forget about it.. Blame Public Opinion if you want!

And Are we a Family town or a MotorCycle Bikers Town ?

And We are at the Point of having to all but Close Main Street on wknds to all Auto And Truck Traffic as it is, are we not?

Dollars and $ense> Spend $25 for a Raffle ticket ( which Is Gambling) to win a Motorcycle or Spend $25 on Lake Geneva Businesses? x how many tickets sold last Yr? over 2,000? = $50,000?

That's alot of $ to suck out of Lake Geneva Businesses isn't it?

not to mention Sales Taxes as well.. At 5% = $1.25 Sales tax? = $2,500 is it not?

Can I rent a Parking space to Sell LG T Shirts this Summer? I will donate 10% to the Library... Or How about for a Hot Dog Stand? Or that Popcorn Stand that's out there Now in the Parking Lot!

Or how about To Raffle off A Hand Gun or Assault Rifle from a Gun Shop? To raise $ to donate to Shooting Victums or to help pay for a Armed Security Guard at A School?

See, how this can really get out of hand and open the Gates?


Lake Geneva