Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Really full timer?
February 13, 2013 | 09:44 PM

Have to laugh at the comments from the user Bay fulltimer and bay they not realize how fortunate a small village like Williams Bay is to have the millions in tax revenue come from seasonal residents that rarely use the schools? If not for the high valuation of the many seasonal residences your local school budgets would certainly be much tighter. Just as it is the same in other areas whether in Wisconsin or Illinois the local governmental units need to learn to control their spend and live within their means. A new school would surely be nice and so would a new village hall and police station and recreation center and so on but at what cost? For the couple hundred of students that this district has there surely has to be more cost effective ways to educate and the first consideration should be to consolidate with neighboring districts and not spend on a new building. Make the effort to improve what they have but not build from the ground up until all other possibilities are studied and presented to the taxpayers for discussion....including those of that pay so much towards it while having no say on the referenda!

Bay Weekender
Wms Bay