Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

February 16, 2013 | 09:18 AM

Standing with Walker has cut locality funding for our schools, and local services, now he has cut Badger Care for our people that need it most. With the funds he would have saved through the Affordable Care Act, he could of covered more families in this time of need with 100% funding from the Federal Government for years, then 90% after that term, he would have been able to use that savings to reinvest into the education and infrastructure in our state. Instead, he will sell off 37 power plants and states assets, remember in ACT 10, he gets to choose the bid without public hearings....enjoy the larger energy bills, higher taxes, failing economy, and fewer services.

Is this bama, cuz I'm not in Wisconsin anymore.

Call your representatives and ask why common sense is not being used, we could have helped people and our community with those Federal funds, and not compromised our energy and asset sources.

Chicagostyle HOTDOG