Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Does smokling cause poverty?
March 27, 2013 | 10:32 AM


Thank you for rescuing those children from an absolutely hellish environment of cigarette smoke and alcohol. No child should have to live in an environment like that.

I have a question for you based on your experience that I hope you can answer. You provided an excellent outline of the risks of exposure to second hand smoke. In addition to the health problems associated with smoking, there are the health care costs which we all read about that can devastate families impacted by cancer or heart disease.

What we don't read about, and what I am hoping you can answer, is how much of the poverty that you see is caused by or exacerbated by the costs of being addicted to cigarettes?

While I have never smoked, when I walk into a store I see that the average price for a pack of cigarettes is around $7. If a person smokes one pack a day that totals about $200 per month. For a husband and wife that each smoke one pack a day that brings the total up to $400 per month, which is about one half the cost of one month's rent for a two bedroom apartment in this area.

Is an addiction to cigarettes a major contributor to poverty in our area?

Also, thanks again for the great work!

James from Lake Geneva