Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

May 02, 2013 | 08:50 AM

Personally, John, I think you're being generous calling some of these people "contrarians". Being contrary to commonly held opinions is no crime, and often useful in matters such as the stock market. Too many of the chronic complainers in this town are simply people who won't take no for an answer and won't accept any argument that doesn't agree with their previously decided position. If they can't muster facts to support their position they complain about the process; if that doesn't work they cast innuendo (hello, James Strauss... "we know all about Chicago people"). I have to agree with Tom Spellman, though- given what happened with Mirabeau-Hummel, I, too wish the city council had "fallen on their swords" and approved the project. None of the subsequent mess would have happened and the "contrarians" would back to whining in their coffee.

John RTV
Lake Geneva