Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Lyme in the West
May 08, 2013 | 09:36 AM

I know that this article's focus is on the East Coast which is well known for Lyme Disease. In addition to the East is the exploding #'s in the West Coast.

I live in CA and was misdiagnosed for 25-30 years! I gave birth to 5 children pre-diagnosis and they all have Chronic Lyme at varying levels as well!


The Lyme specialist Dr. Offices are Packed FULL and always Busy! Hard to get an apt and hard to have good Dr. follow-up due to sheer demand. I know many fellow "Lymies" from UT, CO, AZ, WA that have NEVER traveled to the East coast and yet, suffer terribly with Lyme disease! People I have met in CA have taken ticks of of their animals from walks here along the Oceans lagoons and have contracted the disease. Both the animal and the human.

Lyme is alive and well here with very few Dr.s acknowledging or properly testing for Lyme! CRAZY!!

Thank you for all that you do LISA!

Stacy Toolson
Carlsbad CA