Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Isn't this a Shame
July 03, 2013 | 09:27 PM

This is So Sad to see, Saw stories like this On TV.. So many Desperate Americans Suffering like this.. Medicade and Medicare doesn't cover this? Of course Not, but they used to Cover Getting Viagra and so many other "More Important Things"!

You mean to tell me, their isn't a Dentist that will set up a Payment Plan of even $10 wk ? Do None accept that..? It's Really Deplorable and Embarrasing that we have Americans Still Going thru things like this.. and I can't Imagine , if they have Children going thru the same things..

What does our Schools Do when a Student Needs Dental Work?

I just Paid $120 for Teeth Cleaning,here in Lake Geneva, for 15 Teeth I have left, that's $8 per tooth and took about 30 Min.
Now, Either Someone is Getting Overpaid or I guess I'm too Old to value the cost of things anymore..

Sorry, I'm just A Angry Retired Veteran