Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

July 03, 2013 | 10:49 PM

One of the most comical parts about Schiltz's argument is when he accuses GC of "recruiting" players. The only recruitement taking place is the level of competition and player development offered in the GC program. There is nothing illegal about it, kids CHOOSE to play in GC rather than being forced to play YMCA ball. And the same applies to legion ball, every player on the 19U and 16U (there is no 17U) has been approved and "waived" by the commissioner to play where they want. Schiltz tries to separate LG and GC kids, then claims it's for the good of Badger baseball. Really? This year's varsity squad won the conference title mainly due to the chemistry we had. That chemistry and friendship was built from playing together in a extremely competitive GC program. Not only did we constantly improve our abilities and friendships, we had fun doing it. And remember fellas, baseball is a game. It's meant to be fun!

Genoa City