Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

July 04, 2013 | 01:44 PM

This is disturbing to a lot of families. First of all Rick has accused Genoa City of illegal activities. What does that mean? families have been playing in GC for years and have simply signed their kids up for another great season of Baseball. GC has been a pivotal contribution to the Lake Geneva Genoa City Badger High School.
Coaches dedicate a lot of time and energy to get their players ready to play in High school. We have experienced a short time playing (a team Rick coached)at Lake Geneva and it was one of the worst experience that we have been through. Coaching was not taken seriously and the kids did not benefit from it. No law was broken and we will continue and are honored to play in Genoa City. As far as families being aggressive at the so called meeting . Families were notified 1 hour before the start of the meeting. Graduations and other activities were in full swing. So tempers were flared. I am sorry to see an article that suggests that our kids are participating in illegal activities. Here is some advice if Rick wants to build a strong program start by being honest and include the parents that support his program on any changes that involve their children and where they are supposed to play. Stop demoting the Genoa City program which has been the strongest program for Badger. Or consider dropping out of Legion competition and making Lake Geneva an instructional community program. Shame on you Lake Geneva and Rick for putting this in front of our kids eyes and not taking a more honest and diplomatic approach. What are you trying to teach our kids?