Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

July 05, 2013 | 07:35 AM

As a Lake Geneva Parent I will say that this is a dismal display on Rick and Ken and the Lake Geneva program. Really Rick going to the paper and submitting an article like you did without even asking the parents that support your program. Lake Geneva kids have a great support system and have always been loyal to your league. As does Genoa City. It's built great competition when the two cities have played against each other. I have cheered on both sides because those are our boys. This temper tantrum that you and Ken are throwing is embarrassing for our program. We stay at LG because we have been here for years. But I have to tell you we are also friends with those boys from Genoa City. You are turning the LG program into a undesirable place for my kids to play. Lets Play Ball and finish this season with dignity. Both teams are strong for our Badger program. I am asking that you step back or risk losing any support you have for your program. The last we checked the GC team had 99% of Badger players on it not Wilmot. If you want to make a difference please look into strengthening the youth program so this is not an issue in the future and we don't look like the cry baby's of Lake Geneva. This needs to be done for the sake of our kids and the game they Love. Maybe if you asked some of the parents you may here responses like aren't my kids good enough to play for LG? Why do you insist on bringing kids that want to stay where they have always played? Let our kids play where they feel they get the best for their game and are most comfortable.

Lake Geneva Parent