Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Why don't you ask the Parents
July 05, 2013 | 12:05 PM

I have had my child in both GC & the Y programs, & the number 1 complaint from Parents whose kids played in the Y was not competition, although that was an issue, but politics. Those positioned closely with the Y were able to build dominate teams by picking whatever kids they wanted & keeping them together at every level. Ultimately those kids have been hurt because until HS they never played a high level of competition, & that is why GC kids dominate the HS program.

One of the big concerns of the next group of kids coming up is not a loyalty to GC, but how strong will the politics that have long been in place effect the next group that has played in GC. Why do the same 2 people need to control every level of play, from the Y to the Legion if politics is not in play. Parents would be a lot more willing to stay in LG if someone else was allowed some control.

Pell Lake