Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

STOP IT!! Make it Better!!
July 05, 2013 | 01:15 PM

This has to stop the fact that the only thing that should matter is the Kids. It is time to end this foolishness and work together for them. Lets find the best teachers who are willing to develop players for the HS so that they can become the best they can be. Egos need to be checked. Yes my son played for Genoa City,Badger HS and the combined programs. It is not working because 1 team is better than the other. Well that's life. Maybe its time that there was only 1 program opened to all. This story and dirty laundry should have been worked out between the legion Commanders because it is their program not Genoa City and not Lake Geneva.So the time has come to
stop complaining and work it out for the benefit of the kids. Time to
bring Lake Geneva and Genoa city baseball together the youth programs both baseball and softball. The level of play will improve dramatically. Have a real player draft and have real transparency for all to see. Than take the best and travel with them. Remember FOR THE KIDS!!!!!!

Scott Storms
City of Lake Geneva