Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

July 26, 2013 | 12:13 PM

Wow Marie, I have never heard such a stupid comment. You must just be upset that you lost your crack or heroin dealer. If 30/50 people Marie knows is 'just trying to make a living' illegally, it really shows everyone the type of people she associates herself with. WHAT A LOSER!!!
While it is a good thing to have another dealer off the streets, another one took his spot before he even got to his holding cell. It is also unfortunate that he only got 10 yrs, people get that much time for lesser offenses. Unless he drastically changes his live and the choices he makes, he will come out worse than he went in I'm sure (I went to school w/him, and he wasn't a bad guy at all back then). At least the families of those that his poison killed get the satisfaction of knowing that he will be taken good care of in prison.