Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Why were all dem youths so mixed up then?
August 08, 2013 | 09:19 PM

R*E*S*P*E*C*T...Sock it to me.

Seriously? Racial segregation, the Vietnam war, women fighting for a voice in their households, so the young looked a little rough, got a little loud and acted unruly. This is a reason to hose 'em down, bring out the dogs and shoot a shot gun at 'em????

Sounds like a hoot.

My my how dem youths WILL make CHANGE and THEY DID.

The law provides blacks and whites to eat together, women don't have to take a beating from their man anymore, and as far as war, we're still working on that, but after a decade of decay at home, to war in other nations, I think we have began to understand war is not the way to peace.

That video of the rebel flag waving at Country Thunder was tasteless, by the way. You do understand that flag represented half our country fighting to enslave, traffic and abuse people for their own profits.

Those southern flag carriers were willing to kill America for it.

It is amazing any REAL patriot would allow that flag to be in their presence.

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