Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

You Get What you Pay 4
August 18, 2013 | 09:04 AM

As a counter Point to the Anti Raise advocates
-You get what you Pay for...
-Higher Pay creates More Competition
-As with any Jobs,It's also the Added Benefits that Attracts good Employees..
-This Town has Grown tremendously over the Decade and Is going to Grow even More as the Economy Grows..
-And it will take More Expertise and Experience people to Handle that growth to it's best abilities..

-What are the Major issues that are STILL On the books and UnResolved vs the Type of People we've had trying to Resolve them?

Like Fixing your newer Car, it now takes a Specialist to fix these Newer Cars, not a Part Time Mechanic fixing a 65 Chevy anymore..

And don't kid yourself, Mayors and Council members Com and Go and Anyone can Up and Sell and move, but the Town gets left Dealing with the Issues..

You want to Keep attracting Upper Educated and Experienced People to the Community?

Good Intentions aside, You're going to Get what you Pay for..

Let the Public Decide? I would say 90% would vote to Not pay them anything, if it ment that $ were to come out of their Real Estate taxes..

We have over 50% Of the Homes/Property owned by Non Resident people,do we not? and are only here 3-6 mos a yr.. Out of Site is out of mind.. What % of them do you think would Vote to Raise their Real Estate Taxes to pay more to anyone?

many of these "summer" homes are barely Maintained , let alone I bet don't look as nice as their Primary Residences are..and you want them to decide who gets Paid How much here?

Retired Businessman